Hello, I'm Jasmine Jackson!

An enthusiastic and dedicated Front End Web Developer.


sticky notes project

Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes is an interactive app that lets users create, search for, and delete apps. It demonstrates JavaScript React elements such as lifestyle methods, array data models, and stateful components.

Skills: ES6, JSX, Managing Data Flow, DOM Manipulation

Tools: Code Sandbox

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Github repo gallery

GitHub Repo Gallery

The project pulls data from GitHub to create a gallery of repos from previous projects. Users can search for and click to find out more information.

Skills: APIs, DOM Manipulation

Tools: GitHub

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Guess the word

Guess the Word

Guess the Word is an interactive game showing off JavaScript fundamentals: loops, arrays, async functions, event listeners, and more. Players guess the word by entering one letter at a time.

Skills: JavaScript, DOM Manipulation

Tools: Chrome Developer Tools, Visual Studio Code, GitHub

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unplugged project


Unplugged features a 3-page website that adapts to almost device screens: phones, tablets, and desktops. It has more usage of Flexbox and responsive design.

Skills: HTML, CSS, Media Queries and Breakpoints, Flexbox

Tools: Photoshop, Visual Studio Code, GitHub

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rogue pickings

Rogue Pickings

This project progressed in two stages: static and responsive. The completed website includes HTML and CSS while transforming the site into a responsive one involves Flexbox, responsive typography and media queries.

Skills: HTML, CSS, Flexbox

Tools: GitHub, Visual Studio Code, Chrome Developer Tools

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wordpress blog

WordPress Website

This is a mock WordPress website. It involves activating themes and plugins, creating posts and pages, and introduction to PHP.

Skills: PHP, WordPress, Custom Theming

Tools: Visual Studio Code, Chrome Developer Tools, WP3 Engine

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Code Sandbox

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About Me

I'm a front end developer currently located in Atlanta, GA. I never believed that web development could be a new skill set for me, but along the way, I found that it involves so much that I like: problem-solving, creativity, and challenges against the constantly changing landscape that is technology.

When I'm not focusing on responsive projects, you can find me learning a language. I'm fluent in four and on the lookout for a fifth! My B.A. is International Economics and Modern Languages with a concentration in Spanish; I also attended a graduate program for Spanish Translation. I minored in Mandarin and hope to pass the new HSK! I also maintain an intermediate level in Italian.